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     Michael Duda Sportsmanship Award Winners

   Our sportsmanship award is our most important award that’s given to the most unselfish, high character players as nominated by their coaches.   This past season, the following 20 kids received this prestigious award…

Player                                   Nominating Coach

Brayden Overmyer            Coach Jason Krupp, 9-11 Giants
Gabriel Alvarado              Coaches Matt Marines & Steve Dial, 9-11 Steelers
Trey Raeger                      Coach Wes Parker, 9-11 Panthers
Josh Dauti                         Coach Llew Watkins, 9-11 Cowboys
Matt Durelli                       Coach Rich McCormick, 12-14 Bears
Jacob Corr                        Coach Ross Brayton, 5-6 Ravens
Jonathon Hemmingway      Special Nomination by Coach Jerry Dvonch
Xavier Gerardo                  Coach Jeff Gerardo, 7-8 Steelers
Brooklyn Brooks                Coach Thomas Collins, 5-6 Vikings
Caleb Chilampath              Coach Thomas Collins, 5-6 Vikings
Jaden Starr-Howard           Coach Thomas Collins, 5-6 Vikings
Keegan Brookins                Coach Chris Heiss, 7-8 Dolphins
Kyle Krupick                      Coach Paul Krupick, 5-6 Patriots
Timmy Robertson             Special Nomination by Coach Steve Kowalski
Karson Brady                    Coach David Vittur, 7-8 Falcons
Edward Quintana              Coach DJ Oceant-Kelly, 12-14  49ers
Ja-Ali  Haines                   Coaches Al Azizi, Damian Sazama, 9-11 Chiefs
Davin Cropper                  Coach Woody Wilson, 7-8 Ravens
Evanee Cooper                 Coach Rich Barr, 9-11 Vikings
Mikey Collins                     Coach Tim Van Meter, 9-11 Rams

Our most prestigious awards

GFFL Community Service Award

Michael Duda Sportsmanship Award


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Award Winners


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